Singapore Spiders

The Ultimate Guide to Singapore's Spider Diversity

With simple text and lavish images, this guide showcases the dazzling variety of 790 species out of the slightly more than 900 species of spiders that can be found in Singapore thus far. It also introduces readers to the intricacies of spider taxonomy in a user friendly manner that can be understood by scientists and amateurs alike.

The book serves as an indispensable resource for researchers and undergraduates in biodiversity and ecological studies, citizen scientists, and anyone interested to learn more about the rich diversity of spiders in our City in Nature.

Get your copy here at the Gardens Shops at the Singapore Botanic Gardens for just S$50!

The book is also available at other major bookstores in Singapore. Limited stocks available.

Want a preview?

Wondering what the biggest spider is in Singapore? What about the spikiest? The smelliest? The one that looks like… David Bowie!?

Watch on to find out as 790 species of spiders battle it out in the Singapore Spider Championships!